When you welcome our yoga, meditation, or Pilates classes into your routine, you’ll see how much the quality of your life improves.


When you welcome our yoga, meditation, or Pilates classes into your routine, you’ll see how much the quality of your life improves.


DEFUSE — who we are and our values

DEFUSE Penrith is a wellness space where you dedicate time to your health and happiness. We offer exercise, wellness and relaxation training in a luxe space to give you the luxurious feel you desire.

DEFUSE is a community for everyone on the journey of health and well-being. Our mission is to help all members realise optimal health and wellness across their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives. With a united community and shared goals across members, you can count on a welcoming atmosphere that works to your advantage.

DEFUSE is a place where our values revolve around three pillars: compassion, mindfulness, and community. As such, our instructors strive to ensure that all our classes leave you feeling stronger, relaxed, less stressed, and more flexible.

The Founder

Erin Vicary, a mother to two teenage kids and a certified Matwork, Reformer, and Crossfit Trainer, has been a personal trainer for 10+ years. 

Erin saw a rise in people practising Pilates after the COVID lockdowns, so she enrolled and got certified in Matwork. She also realised why everyone wanted to practice Pilates. The exercises are fun and effective, and the results in her strength and wellbeing accelerated her love for Pilates.

After completing Matwork, Erin attained certification in Reformer, Ball, Band, and Circle work and coached these in her home studio. However, her dream of offering more remained. She wanted to combine all these practices with a bigger space in Penrith including Yoga and fitness.

To accomplish this dream, Erin travelled to Rishikesh, India, and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training. Her quest to be a better trainer resulted in a better version of herself. Practising yoga changed her life, too, introducing her to a spiritual way of living. 

The topic is vast, and Erin is still learning all she can about yoga. However, she is here to share her experience through exciting yoga classes and courses that improve the quality of your life.


Join a class in an environment that makes you feel healthier, happier, and rejuvenated. Our training fits the needs of every client at every life stage and skill set.

We go beyond health and fitness goals

We focus on helping you live happy, healthy, DEFUSE lives through effective relaxation, fitness, and strength training and much more. Check out our Café and deluxe sauna packages, start your journey to a more relaxed, happier, and healthier lifestyle!


An excellent spot to relax and catch up after a Pilates and yoga classes. The café serves fresh, healthy drinks that don’t hinder your fitness goals. You can enjoy DEFUSE tea blends, coffee, protein smoothies, freshly squeezed juices, and snacks. Also available are various vegetarian sandwiches, and salads that are ready to go to enjoy throughout your day or to dine in at Defuse or outdoor area.



Our sauna packages are essential to your fitness, strength, and healing journey. They help you relax, detoxify, get clearer skin, ease joint pains and sore muscles, and boost blood circulation. Given the benefits, DEFUSE offers sauna treatment in various packages. 



The Recovery Lounge is the best place to start and end your DEFUSE classes.

The lounge is free for any membership package, so why not give yourself a treat? It includes many Therabody products, including Theragun Wave and Roller and Theragun Pro Massage, which effectively relieve tension in all body parts and boost mobility. You’ll also enjoy the Therabody recovery air system that increases blood circulation, eases tired legs, and reduces soreness.


Visit our Penrith Studio

Our shop offers all the merchandise to make your training journey fun and remind you of your goals. Visit the store to pick up your gear, including training apparel, yoga and Pilates mats, hoodies, DEFUSE candles, drink bottles, DEFUSE oils, and teas.