Join a class at our Penrith studio today!

DEFUSE offers the Reformer, yoga, Pilates and Barre classes to fit the needs of every client at every life stage and skill set.

Our professional instructors to guide you through every pose, ensuring accurate results.


These exercises use a specialised reformer machine. Reformer has varying resistance levels and numerous activities, making it a popular choice for all Pilates lovers. It’s perfect for people seeking strength, flexibility, posture, and balance. The exercises occur in a class setting and is a fun and challenging way to tone various muscles.


When you need intense training, our infrared-heated yoga room has you covered. With temperatures as high as 30°C, the hot yoga room will help loosen your muscles, surge your sweating, boost your flexibility, and flush more toxins.

What if the hot room isn’t your thing? DEFUSE has more options, including classes in cooler temperatures. Besides strength and flexibility training, yoga will help you build your spiritual life and become more grounded.


Our Pilates training are low-impact workouts to focus on the glutes, deep abdominals, and other stabilising muscles, along with breathing exercises to boost your physical and mental well-being.

Our Pilates classes can be done using your body weight or specialised equipment like therabands, circles, and balls. The exercises are effective for injury rehabilitation.


Defuse Barre classes uses a freestanding Ballet Barre and is a spicy workout combining Pilates, Yoga and Ballet.

Barre classes often focus on small, isometric movements, high repetition, and targeting specific muscle groups, particularly those in the core, legs, arms, and glutes.


At DEFUSE, older adults have a place to keep fit and healthy. We offer low-impact classes with varying training from Monday to Thursday, emphasising cardiovascular fitness, strength, and stability. Also, our older adult training groups provide a fun and effective way to exercise alongside those in your age group who share similar goals. This welcoming setting enhances your confidence, activates your mind, and improves your quality of life.


The deluxe sauna package starts with a body scrub and 30 minutes of infrared sauna treatment. The treatment ends with body oil. Finally, conclude your experience with a cup of DEFUSE tea and some cooling essential towels at the studio’s member lounge.


While physical training and fitness are often the focus, your conscious self requires just as much attention. Our sound healing uses various instruments, frequencies, and techniques to raise the vibrations and cause sound energy to boost body and conscious wellness. We blend this healing with a guided meditation to help you feel entirely relaxed.